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After Anaesthetics – Care

Your pets anaesthetic was maintained with Isoflourane, the safest inhalation anaesthetic agent available. Your pet may have a slight cough over the next 24 hours, this may be due to irritation from the tube placed in its windpipe during the anaesthetic. Your pet may have a shaved area on the foreleg, this where the intravenous anaesthetic agent was injected. Following an anaesthetic it is best to feed a light diet or a small amount of its normal food. A highly digestible light diet can be provided if you prefer. Water should be provided in small frequent quantities. Cats should be kept indoors for at least 24 hours following anaesthetic. They may be disorientated and their reactions may be slower than normal. After surgery a slight swelling and occasional discharge is not uncommon. If a large swelling or profuse bleeding occur, please call the surgery immediately. Please check the wound daily. Please discourage your pet from licking, biting or scratching the wound as this can cause infection or premature removal of the stitches. Head collars can be provided if this becomes a problem. Please lead walk your dog until stitches are removed. Try not to let your pet climb stairs or jump. Cats may need to be kept indoors for 2-3 days to restrict their activity.

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