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Is Your Pet a Roly Poly?

Obesity is the medical term for a patient that is more than 15% overweight. It is also a very common problem within the pet population, affecting over 50% of dogs and cats. It is usually the consequence of owners spoiling their pets with treats etc.

Science tells us that excess weight damages the heart and liver functions. It can also aggravate joint conditions and lead to behavioural problems.

We can help to keep your pet fitter by advising on diets. Remember losing weight does not just mean cutting calories. We also have to ensure that the balance of essential vitamins and minerals remains correct.

There are special prescription diets that can help.

Our staff arc trained to help with this important aspect of pet healthcare, and would like to offer your pet(s) the chance to enrol in our “Weight Watching Club” free of charge.

Each pet will be offered private consultation and an individually tailored diet plan to help him or her to achieve their target weight.

As further incentives to shed those pounds, you will receive a “Half Way There” Reward and on reaching “Target Weight” money-off vouchers, a certificate and gift.

On successful completion, your pet has the opportunity to enter the Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year Competition and the chance to win:

  1. £500 pampering for your pet.
  2. 1 years free supply of Hill’s pet food.
  3. £2,000 worth of holiday vouchers for you.

We look forward to you joining us to shed those pounds and, if you get a chance, please bring a “before” photograph for our display.

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