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Know your numbers – and your pets’

September is the Blood Pressure Association’s ‘Know Your Numbers’ month, which encourages everyone to get their blood pressure checked. It’s certainly important to make sure you have your own blood pressure under control, but what about the feline and canine members of the family? Victoria Vets in Glossop and Chapel en le Frith is making sure that pet owners are also aware of the risks to cats and dogs by making September ‘Blood Pressure Month’.

High blood pressure, or hypertension as it is known in the medical world, affects both cats and dogs and will often go undetected until major organ damage has been diagnosed. It’s usually a sign of underlying medical issues and will often be combined with medical problems such as diabetes, obesity and kidney disease, and can have serious effects if left untreated.

Rachel Short, head veterinary nurse at Victoria Vets, said “Regular health checks are recommended to catch the signs of hypertension early. It occurs more frequently in cats than in dogs and can cause problems with vital organs such as the heart, nervous system as well as problems with eyesight and kidney function.

“Blood pressure in pets can be easily tested using an inflatable cuff method, similar to that used on humans. No sedation or anaesthetic is required and it is a simple, quick procedure.”

Like in humans, hypertension is more common in older animals, so to reflect this Victoria Vets are offering free blood pressure checks to cats and dogs aged seven and older throughout the month of September.

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