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Local dog Harvey trains on TV

When Tina Shelton from Sandbach, was watching Daybreak on ITV recently, she heard they were looking for the ‘nation’s peskiest pooches’, dogs that are in need of some specialist training to appear on the programme. She knew that it was an opportunity not to be missed. Harvey, her Springer Spaniel came from a rescue centre and although Tina is experienced with dogs, he has been proving a handful. True to his breed he is a live wire and loves life but will often not come back to Tina when he is off the lead.

Never thinking she would be picked from the hundreds that responded to the request, she was delighted to get a call from the producer of Daybreak. But before they would accept Harvey for the programme, he had to have a medical check and confirmation from Harvey’s vet Liz Bowett at Victoria Vets that he could take part. He passed as fine and well so they soon had a visit from non-other than famous dog trainer Victoria Stillwell from the hit TV series ‘It’s me or the dog’.

Tina and Harvey had a training session which was then shown on air last week. Tina explains “Victoria came to the house and worked with Harvey and she has given me some wonderful tips and advice which I will continue to use. Advice such as making it fun for him to come back to me, spotting the moment when he is off the lead and not concentrating on something else and then calling him back, changing directions, all to keep him interested in what I am doing.”

One of Victoria Stilwell’s trainers will be following up and visiting Harvey and Tina. Harvey also received some fantastic gifts for being on the programme including a lovely tweed collar and a harness. Tina continued, “It was a great experience and really interesting to see how TV programmes are made. I am pleased to say we are on track with Harvey, but one thing which would be really helpful is to find a large safe enclosed field or area locally, where I could let Harvey off without worrying about him getting out. So if anyone could help please get in touch”.

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