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Top 10 Christmas safety tips for your pets!



Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and your pets are sure to be in the thick of it, many will have their own collection of Christmas goodies, a new coat, squeaky toy or perhaps a selection box. It’s quite right that they are included as they are much loved members of the family but we do need to be careful at this time of year.

Rachel Short, Head Veterinary Nurse from Victoria Vets in Glossop, would like to share just a couple of safeguards to make sure your pets stay healthy and hearty straight through to the New Year. Rachel explains “each year during the Christmas period we see many pets which have been injured or are sick, often some of these ailments could have been avoided, so this year we thought we would put together just a few top tips for keeping your pet healthy this Christmas”.

Cheshire Pet top tips to guide you through the pet festivities:

  1. Chocolate decorations on trees are a huge temptation, what self respecting pet wouldn’t actively encourage these tasty treats to fall off, ideally in their mouth! Chocolate is toxic to pets so keep it well out of reach (Chocolate treats made especially for pets are fine). Also remember not to put any foody presents underneath the tree they will be too much of a temptation for their powerful sense of smell.
  2. Surprisingly grapes and raisins aren’t too good either and can cause kidney failure so resist the temptation to give pets a bit of Christmas cake or pudding – sorry it’s a no no, as are other ‘human’ food such as:
    • Coffee
    • Macadamia Nuts
    • Onions
    • Plum, pear, apple, peaches and apricots pips and cores


Don’t be tempted to give leftovers particularly the turkey or chicken bones these can splinter and get stuck in your pet’s throat

Christmas trees look lovely but electricity and pets don’t mix, cats and young pets are sure to find those wires tempting, so keep them well out of their way or covered over. Make sure the tree is well anchored as an adventurous pet could think climbing it is a good idea – its not!

Crackers, we love them but for some pets they are like fireworks, just too noisy, as are balloons, poppers and champagne corks – so spare a thought for their extremely sensitive hearing and move them into another room while you pull your crackers in the vain hope of finding something other than a rubbish joke!

Wrapping paper, packaging, elastic bands, tinsel, ribbons and small presents are seen as play things for pets but if they swallow them they can lead to serious choking or digestive problems.

Pets can suffer from over indulgence too, so don’t over feed them or give them alcohol.

Baubles are all very enticing and can get stuck in the throat, as can corks from bottles.

Don’t feed fatty foods to animals it can lead to tummy upset even strong smells can upset some pet’s digestive systems

Don’t feed fatty foods to animals it can lead to tummy upset even strong smells can upset some pet’s digestive systems

And finally all pets like their routine the saying ‘creatures of habit’ is true, so try to keep with your normal feeding and exercise activity wherever possible.Most Christmas pet dangers are easily avoided so just think ahead and make sure they are safe so that everyone animal and human can have a wonderful Christmas.For more help or information, contact Victoria Vets in Glossop (01457 852367) or Chapel-en-le-Frith (01298 812006)




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