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Important News For Your Pet

We are now recommending a new urine test that can help us determine the overall health of your dog or cat. Due to their ability to hide signs of illness, disease in dogs and cats sometimes seems to appear “overnight.” Now there’s a test for detection of disease that may be hiding in your dog or cat.


How does the test work?

Every 30 minutes the kidneys filter the entire blood volume of a dog or cat. Many disease conditions such as dental disease, infections, diabetes, or high blood pressure result in the release of toxins or other damaging factors into the blood. Those toxins can damage kidneys during the filtration process. Because of their important role in filtering the blood, the kidneys can act as a “window” to look inside and discover the presence of hidden diseases. This new test detects kidney damage at its earliest stage by looking for abnormal protein levels in the urine.

How long does the test take?

We can usually have results by the end of your pet’s examination. All we need is a urine sample from your pet. If the test is negative ­ Good news! Your pet has no indication of early kidney damage. If the test is positive ­ This test has helped us detect early kidney damage, indicating the possible presence of disease in your dog or cat. Early detection can lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention, allowing us to provide the best care possible for your pet. Although the cause of kidney damage may not always be identified, steps can be taken to minimise further damage to your pet’s kidneys, and help them to continue living a long and healthy life.

Will my pet benefit from this test?

The test can be carried out on dogs and cats of any age, and is especially useful for picking up the early signs of damage in mature dogs and cats. We especially recommend the test for dogs aged 5 and over and cats aged 8 and over. If you would like to discuss the test and whether it is suitable for your pet, please call the surgery for a chat with one of the nurses or vets.

Would you like to have your pet tested for early kidney damage?

YES, I would like to have my pet tested for early kidney damage. All you need to do is bring a fresh (less than 12 hours old) sample of a few ml of your pet’s urine when you bring them for their health check. Most dogs will allow you to collect urine by slipping a shallow dish underneath them when they lift their leg or squat down to pass urine, or we can supply you with a special collection device. Many cats will urinate in an empty litter tray, allowing you to collect a sample. Alternatively, special non-absorbent litter can be borrowed from the surgery to help you collect a sample.