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Kittens need to be treated for roundworms.

They become infested with these worms from their mothers, who excrete them in their milk.

Recommended Treatment Regime

Using Panacur granules or paste, worm every four weeks until the kitten is six months old.

Adult Cats

All adult cats need to be treated against round worms and tapeworms. We advise that hunting cats arc treated every three months and cats leading a quieter life every six months.

Recommended Treatment Regime

Drontal Cat tablets contain the most effective combination of drugs to kill both round and tapeworm in cats with one dose.

Panacur granules or paste may be used, especially for cats who are difficult to give tablets to. Droncit injections can also be given to treat tapeworm infestations in cats.

All products mentioned are available from the surgery.

Please ask at reception for advice.